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How do we do ASO?
Analysis of your application
Firstly, we study your business area and its specifics, your app's optimization level and competitiveness level.
Analysis of competitors' applications
Our specialists analyze your direct competitors, their ASO optimization level and the semantics they use.
A semantic core is created for your application
As a result, you get a list of the most popular relevant search requests. The most beneficial ones are marked as Keywords.

Additional localizations are developed in the App Store.
The development of the new localizations widens your original semantic core, and the list of relevant keywords is being prepared as a result.
Final recommendations are prepared for a further application update.
As a result, you get Title, Subtitle, Keywords and Description for principal and additional localizations. All you need is to renew your app with new Metadata accordingly.

"Before/After" report is created, and results are tracked.
Report is a must! "Before" and "After" reports are created to analyze the changes, and to see whether the goals are achieved. Further recommendations are given taking into account the obtained results.
The second iteration of given recommendations is created
We work through the Title, Subtitle, Keywords and Description for principal and additional localizations. All you need is to update your app once again.
The strategy to promote your application to the top 10 is developed
We offer you additional recommendations and provide with the guidelines on how to use the new marketing strategy and motivate users to install your application organically.
Why are we the best?
25 years of practical experience and over 1000 customers
The audit will be prepared by a team of professional ASO-specialists with a combined 25-years practical experience in many areas of business.

Our analytical program is internationally recognized
For more than 2 years, we have been analyzing more than 13+ million queries and 8+ million applications from 100 countries in 2 App Stores to provide you with reliable analytical information. is in the list of 2017 Best ASO programs!
ASO Academy training webinars
We have significant competence in ASO that it allows us to conduct training seminars within our ASO Academy. More than 300 businessmen have already graduated from the Academy.

Top 10 World ASO Experts
Recently, we have been included into the Top 10 World ASO Experts list.

We are self-promoting our product knowledge in a very niche direction, which is oriented at app organic traffic. Thus, we are recognized as experts in our field at the global level!
No more than 15 ASO audits are carried out per month
We pay attention to each detail of your ASO audit and prepare the most relevant recommendations for you!
The best offers!
Our Subscription Plans have the best tools for quality ASO and are nicely priced.

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When will I be able to see effects from ASO?
If we are talking about App Store - on the very next day after meta-data update. Google play takes more time on reindexing, should take no more than a week. In the last case - the release is not needed.
Why do I need iterations in ASO?
Every hypothesis needs testing. After the first modification iteration and its checking, we prepare the second one. We want to achieve each of your goals, and we will not stop until we meet them. After the report «past/present» we prepare the second step of metadata changes for the best results.
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ASOdesk platform - everything that is needed for regular work on search requests for your application in 2 stores and 70 localizations.
We also conduct ASO academy for those, who wants to learn ASO, be sure to check our latest news to know about announces
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