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We have already improved our client's ASO performance in 93% of cases.
How do we do ASO?
We analize your application and you competitors applications
Create semantic core of your application
Create additional localisations in App Store
Make final recommendations for your applications next update
Create report on "Before/After"
Create second iteration of recommendations
Developing strategy of pushing your application to the top 10!
Why us
25 years of practical experience and more than 1000 clients
ASO audits are made by professional ASO experts that have practical experience in many sphere of business.
Our teams sum experience is over - 25 years!
Our own analytical tool has worldwide recognition
For more then 2 years we have analyzed 11+ million requests and 7+ million applications for 70 countries in 2 digital stores, to provide you precise analytical information. in the list of Best ASO tools 2017!
ASO Academy Webinars
We are very competent in ASO and it allows us to conduct Webinars on ASO in ASO Academy.
ASO Academy from ASOdesk already finished more then 300 businessmen.
Top 10 World ASO Experts
Not long ago we have got to the list Top 10 World ASO Experts.
We are developing in very nich direction - Organical traffic, thats why we are called as experts in our sphere on the international level!
We make no more then 15 ASO-audits a month
We develop each audit with elaboration everyday and prepare the best report possible!
The best value for money!
Our Subscription Plans have the best tools for quality ASO.
Our Packages
"Startup" Package for IOS
  • Application analysis
  • Competitors analysis
  • Creation of semantic core
  • Recommendations
  • PDF Report that includes semantic core analysis and recommendations
  • Discussion of ASO audit via Skype
  • Subscription to the ASOdesks "Business" plan for 7 days to track your applications positions
  • Deadlines: up to 5 working days for 1 localization

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"Startup" Package for Android
  • Application analysis
  • Competitors analysis
  • Creation of semantic core
  • PDF Report
  • Discussion of ASO audit via Skype

  • Set-up of your ASOdesk account to track your positions better in case of buying one of our subscription plans
  • Deadlines: up to 5 working days for 1 localization
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When will I be able to see effects from ASO?
If we are talking about App Store - on the very next day after meta-data update. Google play takes more time on reindexing, should take no more than a week. In the last case - the release is not needed.
Why do I need iterations in ASO?
Every hypothesis needs testing. After the first modification iteration and its checking, we prepare the second one. We want to achieve each of your goals, and we will not stop until we meet them. After the report «past/present» we prepare the second step of metadata changes for the best results.
Get even more organic downloads using Data-Driven marketing
ASOdesk platform - everything that is needed for regular work on search requests for your application in 2 stores and 70 localizations.
We also conduct ASO academy for those, who wants to learn ASO, be sure to check our latest news to know about announces
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